About JMHDigital

Why JMHDigital?

We use our knowledge and experience to make sure we provide digital solutions that work for your business. Whether you need a new website, development to your existing website, or help with online marketing and SEO, or a mix of all of those, we can help you.

How We Work

How do we know what will work for you? We take the time to understand your business and skills and develop and implement a plan that will help drive results. We offer support and information all the way through the process to make sure you’re happy with what we’re doing.

About James

About James

For the past 11 or so years I’ve been working with agencies, delivering a wide variety of services, including print, PR and exhibitions. Over the last 6 of those 11 years, I’ve become the go to digital marketing solutions guy for clients and colleagues alike. So it made sense to go it alone and set JMHDigital.

What this means is that whether it has been designing or developing  websites, developing social media strategy, search engine optimisation or even helping to choose which mobile phone to buy I’ve been the one they talk to.

Hopefully they all come to me because I don’t overload them with needless jargon, offer sound advice and deliver quality solutions.

If you want to learn more about visit the blog, or follow me on twitter or Facebook.