I was recently speaking to a friend about how to persuade a client to get a maintenance contract in place for the website.

My friend, always ready with a handy analogy, suggested a compare the website to high end car. It needs specialist care on a regular basis to make sure everything is working correctly. If you never service it it’ll end up with an expensive repair bill.

It was a good analogy, and one that works when you look at a website in purely technical terms.

However, this got me thinking. When you look at a website as a whole it’s more akin to a particularly whiney child. After all it needs constant attention and love and care. It requires regular socialisation in order to nurture it and constant feeding. Before too long it can take up all your time.

If you ignore it for too long, you’ll need specialist help that can cost a fortune. If you just forget about it about, eventually it’ll die.

Okay, so that’s maybe a little melodramatic, but think about it. There aren’t many marketing channels that require the same long term investment of time and money, and few that can cause so many problems when they throw a tantrum.

Like children, you need to have a good routine that encourages good habits. Feeding it regularly will help it grow, regular socialisation will ensure it has healthy relationships and taking care of all the little things it needs will show everyone you love it.

Of course you could also just pay someone to look after it so you don’t have to worry about it 😉